Drabble: Spooky


My best friend, Spooky, isn’t like other people. He comes into my room in the dead of night. Through the wall.

Yeah, Spooky’s a ghost. One hundred years ago, this was his room. He had a rocking horse and a train set. My Xbox is a mystery to him.

Spooky told me how he died. His stepmother poisoned him. She wanted her own son to be his father’s heir.

Spooky spends his days haunting her great-grandchildren. Their screams soothe his wronged soul.

Elise Edmonds lives in a quiet South Gloucestershire village, where she spends her free time with her husband and two cats, and enjoys attending local fitness classes, watching movies, and playing the piano. Pursuing writing in her spare time as a creative outlet is a way to bring the magic back into her everyday life.

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