Cover Reveal: A Bit of Magic

The Just-Us League are proud to announce their next release: A Bit Of Magic, a Collection of a Fairy Tale Retellings. The anthology won’t be released until May 31st, but today we get to release the cover, courtesy of Indigo Forest Designs.

The oldest story can be made new again, changed and altered until it is reimagined and restored.

Pride interferes with happily-ever-afters: a proud princess is tested and tests the prince in return; a young thief is caught red-handed and must make amends; and a vain queen struggles to save her stepdaughter.

Finding love is not a simple task: a hero searches for the ideal magical bride; an innocent librarian is charmed by a man with a menacing secret; a queen takes a spoiled prince as her sole deckhand; and a well-intentioned princess seeks to make things right with her father.

Change causes chaos, for better or worse: a scheming cat seeks to better the lot of his daydreaming master; a cursed pirate captain is given a second chance when he finds a young stowaway; a spoiled teenager suffers the consequences of turning her best friend into a toad; and a thief and a rebel hiding secrets meet at a ball.

Follow these characters on their journeys as eleven magical tales are turned on their heads and seen from new perspectives.

As with our previous anthologies, each story is accompanied by an image drawn by our illustrator, Heidi Hayden. You can preorderA Bit of Magic now!

In the meantime, meet the authors on the A Bit of Magic Blog Tour:

Melion Traverse hosts Mae Baum — 18th May

Heather Hayden hosts B.C. Marine — 21st May

Allie May hosts Rebecca Mikkelson — 24th May

M.T. Wilson hosts Lynden Wade — 27th May

Authors4Authors hosts Kelsie Engen — 30th May

**RELEASE DAY — 31st MAY**

Louise Ross hosts Heather Hayden — 1st June

Authors4Authors hosts Katelyn Barbee — 6th June

Lynden Wade hosts Allie May — 9th June

Elise Edmonds hosts Louise Ross — 12th June


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