Dusting Off: A (Re)introduction of the Just-Us League

As the new year dawns, we have decided it is time to revamp our website and dust off our blog. In the coming months, you can expect to enjoy release posts, reviews, and short articles on various topics. The variety ahead will reflect the diversity within our group, the Just-Us League, a team of writers connected through our love for storytelling.

The Just-Us League began about six years ago, a brainchild of the talented Kristen Kooistra. Though our membership—and leadership—has shifted over the years, her goal of creating a safe and supportive place for writers to learn and grow together continues to lead us forward today. A list of current members and our publications can be found here.

Our first collaborative work, From the Stories of Old: A Collection of Fairy Tale Retellings, was released in 2016. Over the course of the next four years, we published nine other anthologies in various genres, completing the collaborative project with Tales of Forgotten Creatures: A Supernatural Anthology in October 2020. A full list of these works, some of which include beautiful illustrations, can be found here.

The joy that we find in writing and sharing our stories with the world is what keeps us going through all the speedbumps—plot holes, rejections, corrupted files, formatting trials—we encounter along the path to publication. We hope you continue to enjoy your journey with us as we celebrate the power and beauty of the written word.

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