Other anthologies

Beyond the Veil
- including Mari LaRoche

A YA Anthology

Enter fascinating worlds and discover hidden wonders...

Nightmare Stories
- by Matthew Dewar

YA Horror Short Story Collection

Twelve young teens learn that happily ever afters only exist in fairy tales. Jessica has heard the rumours about drop bears, but are they real? What will Connor see on the prison tour?

Seven Deadly Sins: Avarice
- including Mae Baum, Madison Wheatley, and Mari L. Yates

A YA Anthology

What defines a sin? Author Teresa Bassett described it well: “Where does weakness end and evil begin?” Is committing a sin a deliberate act of intent, or simply an oversight of a corruptible character? Perhaps a combination of the two? Welcome to the world of Avarice...

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust
- including Mae Baum and Mari L. Yates

A YA Anthology

Lust can take many forms; it’s hard to tell whether the craving will be for love, control, or money. One thing is certain: Lust can both frustrate and delight.

- by Melion Traverse

A collection of six fantasy and science fiction short stories:
- A Cord Silver and Invisible
- A Sacrifice of Blood and Future
- The Sword’s Squire
- Lives Beyond the Portal
- A Particularly Powerful Lunar Event, a Completely True Story
- The Mad Scientist’s Daughter