More Passion For Science: Non-Fiction

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Who invented the infographic? Or the social network? Or radar reflecting chaff? The answers might surprise you!

More Passion for Science: Journeys into the Unknown tells the stories of some little-known scientists and pioneers, and re-examines the legacy of some household names. Exploring everything from the building of the Brooklyn Bridge to the early days of electronic music, from the discovery of transposons to the programming of the ENIAC computer, this book is a must read for anyone who loves science, technology, engineering or maths.

“This is a wonderful collection of stories written with charm and eloquence by a wonderful collection of people. There are captivating tales of celebrated characters and intriguing hidden stories from those sidelined from the spotlight. This book goes some way to giving them the credit that they so richly deserve. For me, this book also proves that science is not the sole preserve of the privileged old guard and proudly states that – whoever you are, whatever your background – there is a future for you in science if you want it.” — Dr Hannah Fry, University College London

Twenty-three stories including:-
Emmy Noether: Proving the theorem behind the Higgs boson by Cassandra Lee Yieng