Spurn the Moon – Short Story


An actress. Her daughter. And a long-buried lie.

Attending Oxford University for medical school is Adrienne Talbot’s lifelong dream–and it’s finally coming true. She’s been accepted, and she’s on the flight to London when a concussion changes everything.

Now, instead of traveling England before school begins, she must call upon her estranged, A-list actress mother for help.

An unenthusiastic greeting leads to an extended stay when Adrienne meets her mother’s new fiancé and is dragged into a world of glitz and paparazzi–by a scandal that centers around her. This scandal could not only destroy any chance of reconciliation with her mother, but ruin Adrienne’s close relationships with her sisters and father back home.

Desperate to find answers, Adrienne sets out upon a journey into her mother’s past and begins to uncover the lies she once thought were truths.