The Stone Eagle: YA Historical Fiction

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“The day will bring pain,” the Master Trainer says.

No one doubts his word. He will work his cadets until at least one of them drops to the dirt. Drops and can’t rise again. Earns a ticket to see the Greek.

Someone has to be the first to fall, but shame will rain down on anyone who gives up before the young barbarian among them… 

And Matthi the Goth is no quitter.


He’s spent six years inside a frontier military garrison, held hostage by the same Roman legions that saved him from an innocent boyhood mistake and the brutal justice of the Angel of Death.

He trains alongside highborn sons of the empire and sees his future within their ranks, but he is not a Roman citizen. He is Matthi the Goth — a savage — the teenage son of the only man who can unite the hostile northland barbarian clans. For some, this makes Matthi a symbol of unity. For others, he’s a powerful bartering chip.

As famine crushes Lower Moesia, barbarian kings battle Roman generals, noblemen scheme for control of the territory, and Matthi must decide who he can trust, and who he must fight, in a web of betrayal, blood and lies.


The Stone Eagle is a young adult historical action adventure series, published in 15K – 20K length episodes. Each episode is a complete self-contained story, but also furthers the saga of the ancient Germanic Goth barbarians on the frontier of the crumbling Late Roman Empire.