Movie Review: Thor – Ragnarok

It’s time for JL movie buff Katelyn Barbee’s next movie review!

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Thor: Ragnarok

A comedy at its heart, Thor: Ragnarok is the Thor movie you never knew you wanted.

It’s an impressive feat for Marvel and Disney that, after so many films, they can still put out such excellent content. Thor: Ragnarok is, at its core, a comedy. Which is odd considering the story is about the foretold destruction of Asgard and our heroes work to try to prevent this disaster.

On paper, it feels like it shouldn’t work, but Taika Waititi, the director, does a masterful job of making all the pieces blend together almost seamlessly. It pokes fun at its more serious forbearers, Thor and Thor: The Dark World with a light hand, and gives us some awesome cameos during Loki’s reenactment of Thor: The Dark World in his final, “dying” moments.

The one place the movie falters occasionally is in emotional payoffs. The film’s more emotional moments don’t have quite the impact they’re meant to and come off as rushed or sacrificed for a quick, throwaway joke. It gives the impression that the film is almost afraid to show true emotion, as if the audience would walk out if it stopped laughing for a brief period.

Still, it’s the best Thor film yet, very different from Branagh’s Shakespearian Thor and the generic, bland sequel Thor: The Dark World. It moves the series in a fresh, fun direction that surprisingly, not only works, but is genuinely good.

Who knew one of the best comedies of the year would be a Thor sequel? I certainly didn’t!

Rating: 8.5/10



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