Valiance: A Collection of Short Stories of Courageous Women

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A Cord Silver and Invisible

A brave young woman and her griffin test the bounds and meaning of friendship, freedom, and loyalty, but will they be able to keep all three?

A Sacrifice of Blood and Future

The timid son of a renowned female warrior faces an unimaginable foe, but to save the day could cost everything.

The Sword’s Squire

Led by a possessed ancient family sword, a hopeful squire must prove her mettle to join a holy order of knights. Many vie for such an honor, but few are worthy.

Lives Beyond the Portal

When her life is at its bleakest, a girl discovers a magical portal in her basement. How many lives can one person have?

A Particularly Powerful Lunar Event, a Completely True Story

While walking her dog, a werewolf hits it off with a handsome man. Unfortunately, his secrets may be even darker than hers.

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter

High school’s hard enough without the stigma of having a mad scientist father. And being pressured by your mother to date a zombie probably won’t help…