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Authors 4 Authors Publishing

A publishing company for authors, run by authors, blending the best of traditional and independent publishing.

Just-Us League members Renee Frey, B.C. Marine, and Rebecca Mikkelson own a publishing company. If you love to write and have always dreamed of seeing your book in print, this is a great opportunity to connect with fellow authors and achieve your publishing dreams.


Renee Frey shares some frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.):

What is Authors 4 Authors Publishing?

We are a start-up publishing company owned and operated by authors. Our goal is to unite authors by providing publishing services with a strong core of professionalism, knowledge, integrity, and passion in a profit-sharing cooperative setting.

Why should I choose to submit to A4A? 

We pay higher royalties than most other small presses, allow more creative input and control, and help you network and manage your author platform. The process of submitting is nicer too–we don’t have any form letters, and every submission receives a personal response from one of the owners.

What support do you offer new authors?

Building a platform is key, so we will help or even run social media and other online resources for authors. As a start up, a new author who is eager to break out is what we are looking for!

What are your submissions critieria?

The first round of submission should be either one chapter or the first 3,000 words of a story, and/or a query letter. At this time, we are specializing in genre fiction, with an emphasis on romance, fantasy, historical fiction, and science fiction. We’ll consider other genres, however, so if you have something, feel free to submit it!

We are also open to publishing short stories, novelettes, and novellas, so you can submit those as well.

What are your team’s credentials and experience? 

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a degree in English Literature. All three of us are published authors. I also have owned my own business for over 10 years, as has B.C. Marine.


If you are interested in submitting work to Authors 4 Authors Publishing, check out their website, or connect with them on Facebook or Instagram.


Renee Frey – Chief Operating Officer

Renee has been published in two anthologies and is currently working on two standalone novels with two series in pre-development. She enjoys reading and writing fantasy for both adults and young adults. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Mike, and their two dogs: a puggle named Ziggy and a chihuahua named Megatron. When she is not writing, she makes her living in instructional design, technical writing, and teaching dance.

B.C. Marine – Chief Administration Officer

B.C. Marine’s superpowered romantic fantasy is heavily influenced by the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband and two sons. Hairdresser by day and full-time mother all the time, she sometimes has to negotiate with her family to get time to write, and the scenic views of Western Washington provide plenty of inspiration for her settings. She loves knitting and spends far too much time researching her stories.

Rebecca Mikkelson – Chief of Business Development

Rebecca Mikkelson has been writing fantasy stories since her early teens for fun and is thrilled to turn her dream into a reality this coming spring when she will be published for the first time in an anthology. She currently lives in Hawaii with her husband of six years where they enjoy not going outside and avoiding the scare ball in the sky. In her free time, Rebecca likes to cross stitch to relax.