Fire & Frost: The Canens Chronicles book 2


She’s a princess on the run. With the weight of the entire Seven Kingdoms on her shoulders.

Crown Princess Winterberry fled her cursed homeland after escaping slavery and the ruthless assassination attempt at her own stepmother’s hands. Now in enemy lands, she doesn’t know who to trust. And finally realizing her own powerful magic, she trusts herself least of all.

Certain she brings more danger than help to those she cares about, Winterberry leaves the very ones who rescued her from her prison and travels into Ardor to seek the only allies she can think of: the King and Queen and their son. But before she can reach them, she must outrun the huntsman of Canens, her stepmother’s right-hand man who never fails to catch his prey.

Outrunning both friends and enemies, Winterberry must reach the Ardorian royal family and beg for their help. Only united with the royal families of the Seven Kingdoms can she break the Canens Curse and free the entire Seven Kingdoms from an unimaginable future.

Fire & Frost is book 2 in an epic fantasy Snow White and Cinderella retelling. This multi-POV novel is perfect for readers who enjoy dark fairy tales with complex storylines.