Seven Deadly Sins: A YA Anthology – Lust


Whereas the other six deadly sins offer a gratification that one must fight to deny, Lust originates with agony, doubt, and fear of rejection. But Lust can take many forms; it’s hard to tell whether the craving will be for love, control, or money. One thing is certain: Lust can both frustrate and delight.

Twenty-one authors. Twenty-one stories. One theme: Lust. This is the final volume of our Seven Deadly Sins series.

No Strings by Teresa Bassett: All boys are the same, aren’t they? Only after one thing. Linda’s friend Gina wants to put the theory to the test.

Their Eyes on Me by Mae Baum: New wing girl of the most popular girl in school, all eyes are now on Lexi Hoffman—and she wants to keep them there.

The Lovers’ Kiss by Susan Conner: Kissing on stage is no big deal. Those feelings are just pretend. Until Tony. Adhira can’t get her recent leading man out of her head. Is it love, or is it lust?

The Pickle Polisher by Matthew Dewar: George isn’t addicted to polishing his pickle. He just enjoys it. A lot.

Angel of Carnage by Kyra Dusk: Blood. Power. Death. Moth is an expert on dark desires.

Dragon’s Flame by Shauna Ivory Evans: What’s more terrifying—facing a fire breathing dragon or confessing your feelings to the girl you love?

Jeremiad by J. Grabarek: Mia’s path before Jeremy: college. Mia and Jeremy together: poetry, stealing, and pregnancy. Mia’s path after Jeremy: no idea.

Living Next Door to Amy by Sarah Hegerty: His best friend lives next door to the hottest girl in his universe, but she doesn’t know he exists. Until a bet changes everything.

Seven Minutes by Sara Hills: When you’re sixteen, overweight, and never been kissed, is a faceless boy in a dark closet the best you can hope for?

Fire and Starlight Girl by Sonora Hills: Best friends are forever. But when sixteen-year-old Cassie discovers her feelings run much deeper, will her friendship with Ella survive?

I Can Do This All Day by Chris Kennedy: Frank knows what he wants, but the girl of his dreams is just out of reach and catching her could kill him!

Nuitmayer by Tonia Markou: When Nathaniel goes to France to find answers regarding the legacy his grandfather left him, he gets more than he bargained for.

Dottie’s Gift by C. P. Mulé: Lust is a fickle beast, they say. For the empath, Jimmy Glover, that should be taken literally. Can he protect those he cares about?

Stepping Over the Line by Sean O’Brian: You stand to inherit a tiny kingdom, but your enemy is approaching with a vast army. Only a fool would try to resist.

The Seventh Life by Yvette O’Kay: The want, the bone deep need for power has thrummed through her veins for centuries and she has the patience to obtain what she desires.

Oren by Cherish D. Smith: Two boys want her. One owns her heart. The other, her body. But it’s up to Rowena to own her feelings and the risks that come with them.

Band Nerd by K.T. Stephens: How many ways can a creative genius make a fool of himself with the opposite sex? Apparently, the possibilities are endless.

Nina and the Raging Hormone Buffet by Elle Turpitt: For those like Nina, who feed on desire, a high school is the perfect place to be. A high school party is even better.

Blue Magic Blues by Robert Walton: Are you desperate enough to trust your love life to an alcoholic wizard? What could go wrong?

Wolveswood by Daniel I. Weaver: Things of the Wolveswood have a way of finding their way back home, even if they never knew they were lost.

Witches and Kings by Mari L. Yates: A lust for power is a dangerous thing. When her plan to marry the king fails, will Nostrea trade her magic for a pair of wings, or lose her own life while trying?