Ten Amazing Fantasy & Sci-Fi Weapons

Fantasy weapons are awesome in many ways. Many are unique, and they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Below, I’ve chosen some of my favourite, and assessed their relative usefulness. Which will be the top weapon? Read on to find out!


The Proton Pack

What it is: a handheld weapon that releases a stream of energy, allowing the user to secure a ghost and then contain it in a trap

Belongs to: The Ghostbusters.

Used against: ghosts and spirits

Pros: very effective at removing ghosts

Cons: limited application as does not work on non-ghostly entities, very dangerous as you must not allow the streams of energy to cross, traps entities rather than destroying them so has the potential to be reversed

Score out of ten: 6


The Lightsaber

What is it: a sword consisting of a metal hilt and a coloured plasma blade

Belongs to: the Jedi

Used against: anyone who gets in their way

Pros: can cut through virtually any material, can deflect incoming fire

Cons: requires a lot of skill and training to use effectively, can be blocked by materials that conduct energy

Score out of ten: 8



What is it: some says it’s the sword that Arthur pulled out of the stone, following which he became King of Great Britain, others say it was a sword given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake

Belongs to: King Arthur

Used against: Arthur’s enemies

Pros: possible special powers in respect of healing, protection from harm, or blinding enemies, but differs from legend to legend, may be able to confer sovereignty

Cons: requires skill to use, possibly not more effective than any other sword

Score out of ten: 5



What is it: a short-bladed Elven sword belonging to Bilbo Baggins the hobbit, who found it in a Troll-hoard

Belongs to: Bilbo Baggins, and later, Frodo Baggins

Used against: any enemy, but good against giant spiders

Pros: very good quality Elven blade, glows blue when orcs are near, exceptionally sharp

Cons: too small for a human – it would be more like a dagger

Score out of ten: 7



Sword of Gryffindor

What is it: a goblin-made sword inlaid with rubies

Belongs to: Godric Gryffindor, although the goblins dispute this

Used against: any enemies, effective against horcruxes following its impregnation with basilisk venom

Pros: will appear in the Sorting Hat to Gryffindors in moments of need

Cons: if you don’t keep an eye on it, a goblin will probably run off with it

Score out of ten: 6



What is it: a dwarven-made powerful hammer or mallet forged in the heart of a star

Belongs to: Thor, Norse God of thunder

Used against: anyone, including the forces of nature. 

Pros: virtually indestructible, virtually nothing can withstand a blow or blast from it, can manipulate the weather and energy, and allow flight and transportation, and many other lesser abilities

Cons: can only be wielded by those who are found worthy

Score out of ten: 9


The Identity Disc

What is it: a solid glowing disc, shaped like a frisbee, that records the experiences of the wearer inside a computer programme, and is also used as a combat weapon

Belongs to: any user in a game simulation environment 

Used against: any game opponent 

Pros: can be used in both offensive and defensive ways, to attack and shield, has a lethal cutting edge

Cons: if damaged, the user may lose their experiences and memories

Score out of ten: 4


The Subtle Knife

What is it: a double-edged knife with a steel blade on one edge, and a thin edge that can cut the fabric of space, creating windows into alternate and other universes 

Belongs to: Will Parry, companion of Lyra Belacqua 

Used against: used to escape from antagonists, rather than fight them

Pros: can be used to travel between worlds

Cons: can break if the wielder thinks about love whilst using it, sentient and has a mind of its own 

Score out of ten: 3



Gandalf’s Staff

What is it: a wooden staff 

Belongs to: Gandalf (surprise surprise!) 

Used against: any enemies

Pros: can be used as a traditional weapon, and also a source of magical power which can be used offensively 

Cons: easily lost or broken, probably not much use if you aren’t a wizard 

Score out of ten: 5


Iron Man’s Suit

What is it: a weaponised custom-built suit of high-school armour 

Belongs to: Tony Stark / Iron Man

Used against: supervillains and their henchmen

Pros: has a wide variety of abilities including super strength, flight, and many customised weapons, including freeze-rays and force-field generators, includes in-armour entertainment systems for those quiet moments

Cons: difficult to tell where the person ends and the armour begins – not an option for the part-time superhero, also probably way out of your price league

Score out of ten: 8



So there you have it! To my surprise, my weapon of choice would be Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, for its amazing range of powers despite the simplicity of its nature. But will I prove worthy enough to wield it?

Agree or disagree? What’s your top fantasy weapon? Let me know in the comments.




  1. You know mine! Lightsaber all the way! Can cut through virtually anything. Can deflect most things as well. Not to mention in a world with blasters and other long range weapons, it’s really quite incredible that a lightsaber not only holds its own but in the hands of the Jedi can leave the rest standing in the dust.

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