TV Series Review: Stranger Things 2

It’s time for JL movie buff Katelyn Barbee’s next review!

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Stranger Things 2

Much like Aliens, Stranger Things Season Two is as good as its predecessor (and some might argue superior), only taking a slightly different angle this time around.

As with Season One, the action centers around the main group of characters, breaking them down into smaller groups until all of them come back together at the end. Will has returned, but all is not well with him. Terrifying visions of the Upside Down and of a massive Cthulhu wannabe haunt him and strike without warning.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this season is that it’s more of the same things we loved in the first season. All our favorite characters are back, along with a few pleasant new additions like arcade gamer Max and Joyce Byer’s new boyfriend Bob. Max’s step-brother, compared to the monsters leaking out of the Upside Down, makes for a weak antagonist, but I could see him being used to good effect in later seasons. Right now, he’s just a small town bully with psychopathic tendencies. Bob, played wonderfully by Sean Astin, is lovable for all his dorky glory and dad-like qualities.

The one place the season falters is in episode seven. After building to a fever pitch, the episode feels like the pilot for a new spin off show involving Eleven and her “sister.” It’s almost skippable, with a cast of characters that for the most part, I didn’t like or really care for.

Despite that, season two is a great watch and doesn’t disappoint fans.

Rating: 9/10




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