Interviews in the Shadows: Cassandra Lee Yieng

Meet Cassandra Lee Yieng, author of Don’t Offend a Girl in Love

Education is everything to Cassandra Lee Yieng. A writer, artist, musician, mathematician, computer scientist and more, she enjoys breaking the barriers between art, science, and business. Because of her unusual background, she has written articles, given speeches, and tweeted on women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and on how she is no typical “nerd”. Based in Hong Kong, Cassandra has written for global publications and websites before joining the Just-Us League in January 2017.


Q- What genre are you most comfortable writing?

A- Thriller and nonfiction. I like to make people turn pages and it’s important to pass on wisdom down the generations.

Q- Was writing horror hard?

A- Not at all. It’s really putting the scare in the thriller.

Q- What inspired your idea?

A- Cybersecurity is a hot topic and so is finding love. I want to expose the horrors of getting too romantically involved with someone.

Q- What was the hardest part of writing this story?

A- I had to try to distinguish fantasy from reality sometimes because I’m very caught up with my imaginary world.

Q- What scares you?

A- Maybe you, the reader on the other side of the screen. I wonder what you’re thinking about me.

Q- Why do people like to be scared?

A- They want to shake things up a bit. Life and taxes are too ordinary and boring.

Q- Favorite horror book or movie?

A- Coraline by Neil Gaiman.

Q- What is one stereotype about horror writers is absolutely wrong? What stereotype is right?

A- The wrong one is that horror authors are just as scary as their stories. I know a few, and they are nice people just like us. Meanwhile, it’s unfortunate that writers write grislier and darker scenes, and some young readers try to enact those scenes, leading to tragic consequences.

Q- What horror archetypes do you like? Which do you hate?

A-  I like the sympathetic villain. I don’t like the all-evil one. Hurt people hurt, and that’s perhaps the most important element I want to bring out through my tale, Don’t Offend A Girl In Love.

Q- How would you survive a horror story?

A- Not travelling alone and listening to my gut. If something feels off, you bet it is. Plan for the worst and make no gambles.

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